Celebrity Crush *Nerdtastic Edition: Danny Pudi

5 Apr

Readers, this post has been coming for awhile. If you’re a fan of NBC’s hit comedy show “Community,” you probably already know why.

You may think I think he’s great because he’s half of TV’s current greatest Bro-mance. Prime example here:

“Troy and Abed in the Morning,” is a fictional morning show, inside of an already fictional world… but hey, it’s all about the theme song right?

And that’s definitely part of it. Part of it is that “Community,” is really well written and has given Danny Pudi an amazing and odd character to play. He’s a super-geek, and I love geeks. He’s clever, unerringly honest, and it’s not all in the writing, there’s a lot to be said to the subtlety of Pudi’s performance. Because while Abed is funny and over-the-top, he never feels like a caricature.

And this is despite some hilarious and nearly surreal imitations the character allows him to perform. He’s done everything from become a mean girl for an episode, dress up and “become” Batman for their Halloween episode, and, in another bit with Donald Glover aka Troy is Bert, with Ernie:

The cookie eating wins me over every time.

Did I mention he was Don Draper for a few seconds?

And yes, he really is half-Polish and seems to speak it fluently. (Here‘s a delightful video of him leading a tour of his alma mater, Marquette University… randomly running into some girl and speaking Polish.)

Let’s be straight, I like Danny Pudi because I like Abed. But from everything I’ve seen about Danny Pudi, he seems every bit as genuinely excited to be around as Abed fictionally does… and that helps make him extra cool.

*This has nothing to do with being nerdtastic… but just a friendly reminder. When you go searching for info on favorite TV characters on line, be ready to find many slash-related content you had never thought of before. Rule 34, right?


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