Fool Me Once: The Best of April’s Fools

4 Apr

While I wasn’t exactly fooled this April Fool’s Day, there were some fun website re-designs around the web. Here are the best I found.

My April Fool’s Day Lucky Seven:

  1. Rebecca Black, aka that girl who sings that Friday song, took over the “Funny or Die” website and re-named it “Friday or Die,” mostly I love this one because you have to love her for milking the most out of her fifteen minutes. Am I right? Maybe I’m not, but I do.It was also pretty cool that they changed the website url changed so that it was scrolling the lyrics from her song… which had the extra “fools” effect of it being kinda hard to type a different url into the bar. Nice one.
  2. Hulu 1990s edition. It took me a minute to get the re-design because, in my mind, it’s still what websites look like. It’s what they used to look like at least. Anyhow, they featured not only 90s design, but also shows from the 90s.The joke about Banks charging ATM fees? Less funny. But still, they stayed true to their gag.
  3. This one comes from I’m not sure where they got the info about the “Umbrella Vibrator,” but they were pretty bummed when they found out it wasn’t real. In fact, their post kind of campaigns for someone to make it real. Someone should take up this odd opportunity….
  4. This one may have been (at least from what I can tell) only a logo design, but it was a cute nod to the day and kept the site functioning as normal. Which, considering how much the world obsesses with YouTube now, is probably a good thing.
    *EDIT* So, according to one of our commenter’s, you could actually change the videos to look like old silent films. I certainly wish I had looked more into that!!!
  5. In what was, of course, my favorite. Darkhorse Comics had their site “taken over” by the Goon. When you clicked on his face he dropped back down out of the screen a bit and the site was still completely user-friendly, but the idea and attention to detail was pretty fun.
  6. There’s these and then, there’s Google. Google has made a reputation for themselves in the past few years as Grade A jokesters, a lot of this has to do with the fact that Google is just so darn big that when they do something, a lot of people take notice. Did you see their “Gmail Motion?”Here they are quoting people about how great it is! Of course, it was a fake product that basically said it was going to combine your Kinect with your computer and you could do full body sign-language to make e-mail writing etc. More efficient. What this really is, is a great tool to teach freshmen why they need to include citations in their research papers… otherwise they might as well be writing this. Or, if you’re not a teacher, it’s just fun.
  7. Finally, when in doubt, go illegible! introduced the “hurrdurr” effect. You could also use it to stupidify other websites and could quickly click through for it to be legible again. I gotta admit though, the visual effect alone of it was a little disorienting:

And that’s it for today! Let me know if I missed any great ones!


3 Responses to “Fool Me Once: The Best of April’s Fools”

  1. Poff April 4, 2011 at 2:38 pm #

    The only one that got me (and had me screaming NO for a while before I realized it was April Fools’ Day) was the facebook status update for the Buffy page.

    • redshana April 4, 2011 at 2:59 pm #

      Haha, that’s pretty funny actually.

  2. Whitney April 4, 2011 at 2:59 pm #

    Actually, Shana, the YouTube 1911 gag was more than a logo. You could click a button and turn any video (or select vids, I don’t remember) into an old silent film, circa 1911. It was pretty cool!

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