Return of the Knack — Requesting requests!

29 Aug

My knack that is.  The knack for writing, more specifically the knack for blogging, or the knack for getting things done as opposed to my recent knackless-ness. What I really want is just to post this video and say something mildly clever without rhyming myself into a “hack,” or having to call myself “Mack.”

Anyhow, The Red Speech Balloon is back in business! Again.

I’ve recently started a new job and, thanks to said job, now have a regular schedule that will (hopefully) allow me to wrap my head around each day and find time to really devote myself to writing here again.

I really missed this space and the conversations we’ve had, so I hope I haven’t lost all of you and that there’ll be more reading along the way.

Having said all that, what is there to write about? Well, everything!  So, I’m asking for some reader requests to help me narrow it down!

Is there something you’d like to read me jabber on about? Some posts in the past you found particularly interesting? Let me know! If not, I’ve got a few ideas in the works… but hearing a little something from y’all who are still out there would certainly help me build the momentum I need!

After all, I want to write what you want to read. And as long as you read, I’ll try not to disappear again 🙂


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