Say, I <3 New York

25 Jun

This is an obligatory post that I am all to happy to write.

This past month has been crazy for me. Between finishing my MFA, turning 27, finding a part-time job, getting interviews for career path jobs, and finally, getting engaged; I’ve been distracted from blogging… albeit because I was a little overwhelmed by my life.

But this news isn’t just big for those whose lives this directly changes, it changes all of our lives.

For my generation, this is our Civil Rights Movement, our revolution of thought and freedom, and because our country has been known to effect change throughout the world, let’s just say this is a significant step in the right direction for the whole world.

And this story is about New York, a state that once legalized gay marriage two years ago and has been fighting ever since to get it back. But the story is about so much more.

There are many other states that have yet to face that fight head on and we who support this movement have to be ready to fight the fight (without actual violence) on our home turf, to use this event as ammunition, to spread the power of love and not hate.

As Gov. Cuomo said, “[New York] is at its finest when it is a beacon of social justice,” but I’d push that to say that our country is at its finest when it is a beacon of hope for all.

So what am I going to do? Something small.

As soon as D and I got engaged, and before, I knew that part of the ceremony (in some way or another) would be to support Marriage Equality. I was initially inspired by this great list of ideas over on Offbeat Bride.

We’ll decide which approach we take later on but I’ll continue to be vocal and encourage others to be so as well. This is something I believe in and if this is something you believe in, it is up to you to use your voice and to continue to spread support and understanding.

Say gay, say Takei, say No H8, say It Gets Better, say you support love and equality for all.

For today, we can show our support for the whole Marriage Equality movement by supporting New York and its spirit; concrete jungle where dreams are made, there’s nothing you can’t do…

And yes, I really do love this song 🙂



One Response to “Say, I <3 New York”

  1. Poff June 25, 2011 at 4:54 pm #

    Yay! NY! I love it! More and more states will continue to hop on board, I just know it!
    And I vote for the rainbow wedding cake, of course! 🙂

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