All Aboard to Gaga-ville… Mind if I Stay Behind?

12 May

Yesterday, Lady Gaga announced that she will be teaming with Zynga (the masterminds behind the massively addictive game Farmville) to create her own world within Farmville. According to

Players will visit a neighboring farm, “GagaVille,” where they can undertake lightweight tasks to unlock tracks from Born This Way.

And despite the fact I’ve never been a huge fan, I have to say, I’m officially through with Ms. Stefani Germanotta.

But I will always love cute kittens.

Why? Well, there’s a whole bunch of reasons.

But let me say this first: I totally appreciate the good that she has helped to happen. I know that for many people, some of them kids who are struggling; she is a hero, she is an icon and a source of hope and positivity. For that reason, I’m happy that she’s around.

But, for me, there’s a gap between her ideals and her reality that, with each passing day, is harder and harder to avoid.

She is a split personality between pop star and performance artist, hero of the weak and multi-millionaire commodity machine who sucks up every penny her fans can afford.

When asked about aspects of the performance (specifically the current decision to wear prosthetic horns) she denies the performance itself, insisting that this is who she really is.

And that’s where I start to dislike her. If somewhere along the way, this fissure had been sealed, if her music started to be edgier, if she had started to more openly acknowledge that who she is and what she is while being 90% spectacular is a hearty 10% of silly; I would appreciate who she is more. Instead, I would cite Weird Al and the issues he pokes fun of in his newest song parody:

And it’s not like there aren’t stars out there who are doing this, Bjork is always the first to come to mind, but even a pop star like Nicki Minaj has addressed her performance and her persona; has recognized openly, and through her music, in literary depth and genuine thought, issues of gender and queering. (Don’t believe me? Watch the MTV documentary on her, it’s fab!)

It’s the lack of depth that really bothers me. To one who has been given an opportunity to affect the lives of possibly millions, a song where she’s in love with Judas that pisses off the religious right isn’t exactly impressive to me. And even “Born This Way,” meant to be an anthem of solidarity, is bound to be hard to swallow for those less religious folks who might not be satisfied with the refrain of “God makes no mistakes,” or for those who might be lumped in under the categories of “chola” or “orient[als],” neither being particularly PC terms, if you know what I’m saying.

And sure, I’m ready to eat my words as soon as I see a change.

But what would that take? It might help to see Stefanie Germanotta, the 25 year old, come out without the pomp and circumstance, to actually see her show the vulnerable side she encourages her fans to show.

Let’s be realistic though, in the scheme of things, there are bigger issues to have; and Gaga isn’t going to be hurt by not having me as a fan.


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