People with Pets: The Fetish Next Door

29 Apr

You’ve seen it all over, I know you have. At the very least, you’ve probably seen a few profile pics on Facebook. You know the ones I mean: that cute looking cutie with their even cuter pet-cutie, being all cute… cutely.

Since Tumblrs first started gaining popularity, those blogs that are entirely themed around often visual aggregates of cool, it seems that people have posted pictures of attractive people with their attractive pets, somehow creating an attractive bomb of attractiveness.

I’m here to say, it’s officially a Thing. Yes, that’s a Thing with a capital-T. Call it a trend, call it fab, call it what you will, but it’s time to stand up and take notice.

Example the first:

  1. Writers and Kitties:From Joyce Carol Oates to Grant Morrison, they’re covering a wide array of literary cat lovers. But I think what is most interesting is how this site seems to fetishize the life of the writer. These aren’t just pictures of writers with their cats, these are pictures that peek into the lives of people we adore and respect! People who shape the way we look at the world! Let’s all go pose with our cats and books (or future books in my case) and hope that someday someone else will want to look at it. Until then, I’m sure it’ll find a great home on Facebook.
  2. Cute Boys With Cats:
    Picture Removed by Request
    I’ve mentioned this site before, so it’s clear that I have successfully been swooned by the effects of this collection of images of boys with their cats. And if they continue to post gifs like this, they may successfully hypnotize hipsters en masse! What will we do?
  3. Men and Cats:Though this site’s most current post is the above picture of Joey Ramone with an adorable black kitty who looks like he’s up to no good (and a cool looking Elvis bust/cookie jar in the background), it mostly features pictures of regular everyday men (instead of boys) that don’t necessarily need to be cute. It might be less popular, and coincidentally feels less fetishistic in some ways, but this picture is preeeeeeetty awesome if you ask me.
  4. Cats ‘n’ Racks section on
    First, let me say, if you’ve never been to Cute Overload before stop reading this and go there. Right now. No, really, this blog post will be waiting for you right where it is but you MUST INDULGE IN THE CUTE! *ahem* Alright, now that I’m done with that… here’s thisCats ‘n’ Racks is most likely the fore-mother (as the site author is a woman) of much of this cute + people fetishization, as far as I’m concerned. The blog started this as just a funny section of pictures that all seemed to involve massive amounts of cleavage and kittens but has evolved to include many animals finding respite on someone’s bosom, like this:I believe they call him, Boob Bunny… quite a fitting name really. And while this section of this site definitely has some fetishistic qualities (some pictures WAAAAAAAY more than others), I’m glad to say that at this point in writing this post… I don’t really seem to care so much anymore.

So there you have it, a short list of some of the most prominent fetishized animal + human combinations… mostly cats… To be fair, there’s something to be said for fetishizing something in a slightly less than sexual way. What I mean is that we start fetishizing the idea of happiness, contentness. We look at these pictures and we think, I wouldn’t mind being that person with that cat or bunny or whatever, and that’s not really so bad.

Having written this. I think it’s that point in the day for me to go spend some quality time with MY cats. They are quite soft and purry and cuddly afterall.

And maybe I need to invest in some Louboutin’s…


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