Will it Be Good for the Fats?

26 Apr

I once took a class with a professor who said that when his mother considered things, she always asked the question, “will it be good for the Jews?” As in, she judged the quality of plays and more based around how it might affect/effect the Jewish community.

Since then, I have often used this as a way to understand things in my life. Often inserting different nouns/communities into that token last position. Today, I look at MyBestFit and ask the question, will it be good for the fats?

Here’s the new product being advertised:

Basically, this machine will scan you, take measurements, compare those measurements to sizes and then spit out a piece of paper telling you where to shop to find clothing that fits you best.

My immediate reaction was positive. This could be a tool to reflect how people are actually shaped! A tool that can actually reflect the real needs of people when they’re looking for clothing instead of projected one image of what we should be wearing (both in appearance and size) onto all of us who are shopping.

But if I fail in areas, it’s usually in pessimism. I try to be as optimistic as possible on a daily basis. So, as I said before, I had to ask: will it be good for the fats? And really, for the thins and all those in-between, or will stores find a way to pervert this to be negative?

What do you think?

p.s. In a side note, I’ve just started a new job. So posts might be coming later in the day, like this one. But I won’t be stopped! Keep checking in for my almost-daily up-dates to the blog!


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