Credit Where It’s Due: R.I.P Ms. Taylor

24 Mar

Yesterday, we lost a celebrity, a real and true celebrity, an icon. Now, I’m not going to get weepy because to be frank, we saw this coming for awhile. However, this woman is true Hollywood. When I say celebrity I mean the definition of celebrity: distinction, note, eminence, stardom (synonyms from

And how f*ing adorable was she too?

And smoky and mysterious.

And in this picture she looks like she could be related to my sister and me so I had to post it.

Even Charlotte from “Sex and the City” named her dog Elizabeth Taylor after she asked herself who “the prettiest girl in the world” was. And, while I don’t want to make “Sex and the City” seem any better than it is, it certainly did get it right.

But why watch a puppy when you can watch her breathless and sweet Oscar acceptance speech from 1961?

Go here to see the video and skipt to 2:05 if you want to skip Yule Brenner’s introduction and her positively REGAL walk up to the stage.


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