My New Celebrity (Girl) Crush: Ashley Fink

14 Mar

Alright. So, yes, I am a heterosexual female. But every once in awhile there’s a girl that makes me wonder, what if I wasn’t? Ashley Fink, is one of those girls. I may not want to make out with her, or anything else like that, but man, I want to be her friend! I want to be more like her. She is just so cool and comfortable in her own skin, she inspires jealousy. Why am I not more like her?

Dodai Stewart, over on the oft-mentioned, recently wrote an article that hit a lot of the points about Fink, and her Glee character Lauren Zises, that explain my overall attraction to her.

But I should back up, if you’re not familiar with Glee, let me explain a few things. Ashley’s character is in the middle of what many people consider a non-traditional relationship.

What makes it so non-traditional?

She’s a big girl and one of the “hot” boys is pursuing her.

That’s it.

(Aren’t they cute?)

And Stewart discusses it well in her article:

Some people can’t wrap their minds around the idea that a fat person can be sexy. On, regarding an episode in which Puck and Zises talk about making a sex tape, Seth Abramovitch writes, “There was something really gross about this plot to me… why does Puck and Lauren’s relationship always make me want to hurl?”

First of all, gross dude. And second of all, how many people feel that way but are, at the very least, smart enough not to admit it? Just like any other under-represented group, we big girls gotta represent!

Stewart goes on to say:

But on Glee, Puck isn’t into Zises despite her body — he’s into her body. Oh, it didn’t start out that way — at first he was repulsed by her; he once mused, “I could have any girl I wanted… and the only girl I’ve got my eye on is a whole lot of woman.” But now, the fact that she’s “a whole lot of woman” is what he likes about her. Finding someone who is fat sexy is not a fetish. It’s not weird. It’s not even uncommon. it’s just that we usually don’t see it on TV (unless, you know, it’s a chubby guy and a ridiculously hot woman! Then it’s your average sitcom.) Although our culture often treats it as such, fat is not a punchline, a flaw or even an obstacle. As Ashley Fink herself says:

“I dated the cutest guy in high school. I had mad swagger!”

And what can I say? I’m in love with this girl’s swagger… and the fact that Glee is not making her hide it. Go here for a great interview with her.

And though this feels like a post script now, I also have to say that if you’re not watching Glee you’re missing out on important discussions like this. While the characters may be over the top, the situations sometimes laughable; they’re also giving room to situations that don’t get portrayed in mainstream media let alone a hit show.

They made news with Kurt and his relationship with his dad but it goes beyond that. It may be as simple as making the big girl sexy or as complicated as understanding that sexuality and love are not as simply defined as we’ve come to believe (anyone else cry during this whole Santana/Britney “Landslide” thing?). And despite the moments that I… less than love, this show (and its truly amazing cast) is still worth watching.



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