Things I Found This Week:

11 Mar

Sorry for the late post today folks! But without further ado, some cool stuff (and some not so cool stuff) I found this week.

  1. One of my professor’s is about to release a new book! Yay! There’s a sneak peak at some poems from an amazing poet here.
  2. For my fellow geeks and Harry Potter fans, you may have already seen this but here’s a really cool article/essay from the actress who plays Loona Lovegood about why her biggest fear is a full body bind. I love when smart characters are played by smart actors!
  3. As always, Rachel Maddow is eloquent in ways I’m usually not. I’ll let her say it, but please make sure you watch this video.
  4. A great article about the black characters on “Community,” definitely one of my favorite shows currently on television. By explaining how they differ from black stereotypes, I have to admit, I accept some of these stereotypes often too easily.

    Also, Danny Glover is super cute. But I’m still an Abed girl.

That’s it for today folks. Have a great Friday!


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