Classic Disney is Still Classic, Even When It’s Still Being Made

2 Mar

While watching some Disney Channel the other day, I was surprised to see the following cartoon during the commercial break:

It’s relatively new (youtube says 2007), but it clearly mimicks the heyday of classic Disney. And where it succeeds, I wish Disney would take more cues from.

At its simplest, this is a fun slapstick Goofy skit. Take a closer look, you can see notes of satire. And I hope it continues, because this seems to be something lacking in our kid culture today. Without being over-the-top preachy, it sends a simple clear message, “Man, I like my stuff, but I sure don’t wanna be like that guy.” It’s not overly judgmental, after all it allows for Goofy to make mistakes so that means you will too.

My favorite example of these easy-to-swallow morality tales is the 1950 short called “Motor Mania.” In a way, it holds the same role. It addresses a common problem and, through comedy, offers watchers a reminder to chill out. However, this one is about driving and can touch on some serious subjects, which is why my driver’s ed teacher used it as a teaching aid.

Watch it below:

So, what do you think? Are these little morality tales spiced up in cartoon packaging good?


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