The best (reality) show you’re not watching:

23 Feb

I’ve been hesitant to write about this because it’s going to come off like a total fan-gasm but, I figured, some of my favorite blogs (Rich’s fourfour is the best, most obvious, most deserving example) spend a lot of time talking about shows they love. So, it’s my turn. Now, I can’t promise episode gifs because I’m not sure how to make them and am a wee-bit too lazy/busy to figure it out, but I can tell you that this show deserves to be watched.

Despite their epically bad decision to change their name to SyFy (okay, honestly I don’t really care but the people who do have some good reasons), this channel has brought us Face Off:

While I don’t love all reality shows, I’m really impressed by those that can show us really talented and creative people doing things we don’t normally get to see and this is one of those shows. If it’s not obvious yet, the show is about make-up artists and artistry. So far, it has not failed to really impress me.

Here’s a look from the first episode where the challenge was to create a human/animal hybrid creature.

What the picture doesn’t show is the pure scale of detail involved here.

While you can get some of that from the painting done on the face, they (it was a team challenge) also created hooves for the actor to wear on their hands.

While at first I was worried it might de-mystify some of the movie magic I hold so dear to my heart, instead, it made me appreciate just how much of this work is still done by hand. And also, just how much heart these make-up artists are really putting into their work is always exciting to see.

Unfortunately, I’ve been fighting with my DVR and have been viewing some of the episodes out of order. But, I will say, there’s already drama brewing for those who love that aspect of reality television. Although some of it is out of context for me, I can say that I recognize the dynamics and they are similar to the ones we are familiar with. There is flirting, there is fighting, there is debating over the quality of work . . .

For now, let’s just enjoy this regal looking alien to the left and let the drame stay in the show.

In the last episode I saw, they were challenged to create their own horror movie villains. Some failed but some achieved creating really cool original characters that I hope to see picked up for a movie some day.

I’ll let you find those pictures on your own.

Until then, let me know if you’ve seen the show and what you think of it?


If you haven’t seen the show, do you think you’ll watch it now?


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