Who’s your number one?

14 Feb

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s a little something special that will hopefully put a smile on your face!

Did anybody know that there is an entire tumblr style blog-a-doodle that is completely devoted to Commander Riker? As in, Jonathan Frakes on Star Trek: The Next Generation? As in, one of the men that has fated me to a lifetime of beard lust?

Because I didn’t, but now I’m hooked. Here are a few of my favorites:

Riker: I’ve got a secret.

Jean Luc: Oh, I know you do. That secret is moi!

Riker: NO! I am with Deanna, it is a love for the ages, you can tell by how smug we look.

(Honestly though, once upon a time when I was a wee-little smartass my mom and I attempted to listen to a Star Trek book on tape for the drive to and from school everyday. Let’s just say that their love life got a little graphic on those things, like we never finished it graphic. If ya know what I’m sayin.)

This really needs no commentary, Riker is indeed “the best at space” at least he won the title for three consecutive years.

And yeah, I need to find these people and be friends with them… because really. Frakespearean? So going to use that word like ALL the time.


One Response to “Who’s your number one?”

  1. Laura Poff February 14, 2011 at 3:10 pm #

    Ah, Brian is totally my number 1! 🙂 Beard and all!

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