A.W.P. in D.C.!

9 Feb

Sorry about the radio silence from before! Here’s a little something I started writing over the weekend:

I start a new blog, you all read it, and what do I do? I leave. But it was for good reason!

Tonight, I write to you from my hotel room in D.C. where I was a part of the annual Associated Writing Programs conference, more commonly known as AWP, more commonly thought of as that big shmooze fest with the book fair that is large enough to leave not one, not two, but… well, lots of writers disoriented.

Tomorrow, I’ll be headed home and while this was a lot of fun, it was also a lot of work and I look forward to being back in good old Kalamazoo. Where there may not be a metro but where there doesn’t exist a single three-story restaurant… at least not that I know of. Let’s just say I was a bit overwhelmed with the big city, I guess I’ve just become a small city girl. So, let’s focus on the little things… like, what did I get?

I figured I’d share with you, in the wide interwebs tradition of sharing loot, the cool things that I got:

  1. Mark Jarman‘s newest book: Bone Fires: New and Selected Poems , I worked with Mark this summer as part of the Prague Summer Program and was overwhelmed by how generous he is and, in addition to already loving his work, am rediscovering his writing from the point of view of having had him as a teacher. I’m super looking forward to reading this!
  2. Richard Jackson‘s newest book: Resonance, Rick was my undergrad teacher/boss/slave-driver and the person who really introduced me to poetry and the creative writing world as it is. And, despite the fact that this is super biassed, I really like his work= another plus! Going back and re-reading his work lately has made me realize how much he’s really a philosopher poet, and I look forward to seeing how his philosophy has changed/grown.
  3. Rick and Susan Thomas‘ book of translated poems: Last Voyage: Selected Poems of Giovanni Pascoli,
    Susan is a total sweetheart who I think met Rick through the Vermont’s Lo-Res MFA, and her husband let me use his cell phone once while we were in Italy and I desperately needed a call home. Good people, good writers, another book I look forward to.
  4. Peter Covino‘s Cut Off the Ears of Winter (New Issues Poetry & Prose), not a new book but I met him through my time spent at the New Issues table and he totally sweet-talked me into getting his book just so he could sign it for me… I know, I’m such a pushover…
  5. Wesley Stace’s (also known as John Wesley Harding) newest book: Charles Jessold, Considered as a Murderer. Now this is the most unusual find for me, he spoke at a panel with musician Josh Ritter (Rosanne Cash was also supposed to be there but had vocal chord surgery! Yikes, hope she’s doing well!) and while I had gone to see Cash, I was not disappointed. These two put on a great show talking about ballads and Appalachian music and old English music and by the time they got to talking about their books I was hooked. Stace’s book is some mix of history and fiction and music and I can’t wait to read it!

And fortunately for my pocket book, that’s it! I hope this was somehow interesting to you all! If you follow any of these book-links to Amazon and buy them, I’ll get a little (and I mean little) money from it. So, go blog! Go amazon.com! Go poetry!

As always, subscribe and comment my friends!


One Response to “A.W.P. in D.C.!”

  1. Whitney February 10, 2011 at 5:09 am #

    I bought “Bone Fires,” too! Can’t wait to dig into it.

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