The obligatory first Madonna post… you know it.

3 Feb

And yes, you know it should be read like you’re a chola, because that’s how I roll… now read this quote from Piers Morgan…

(grabbed from

Is Piers Morgan right? Is Madonna too old? Is that why I’m often made uncomfortable by the seemingly harmless (even boring) things she’s done lately?

I mean, to be fair, Madonna is the epitome of mainstream these days. Divorced cougar-mom musician, writes kid’s books and poses for fashion campaigns. This isn’t exactly unique in the attempt or the reasonable success she’s gotten from it. But maybe what is really weird is that, no matter what she does, I will never be able to shake this image from my head:

That moment when she says what she wants is “to rule the world,” is probably my favorite iconic Madonna moment. And for me, and most of her fans, I think this little bit of Madonna-on-the-verge-of-stardom continues to drive Madonna-the-actual-star.

Madonna is hard to write about because she basically invented what it means to be an American pop star today.

What makes Madonna who she is, is largely made up of her past. If it was anyone else, we might not care, but this is all part of the plan that she told us about from the beginning.

But now that she’s Madonna-the-actual-star, or maybe now that she’s Madonna-the-super-mega-celebrity-star, maybe we’re just tired of seeing her have nowhere else to go except into a quietly contented domestic stage. Except, there’s nowhere else we want her to go either.

So, think about it, if you were Madonna where would you have stopped?

What do we, as fans, want her to do and should it even matter?

And do we really know what it’s like to be this girl, enough to answer that question? –> Song reference FTW!

(official video un-embeddable… sorry)

My gut reaction is that unless you’re a super-mega-celebrity-star you really don’t get it, because I don’t. Though I wish she had left the plastic surgery alone…

What do you think?


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